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Sustainable Execution Trainer-Program

Empower Your Employees as Sustainability Ambassadors

Enhance your sustainable profile and equip your employees to effectively communicate your sustainable values to your customers. Ordos’ Sustainable Execution Trainer Program ensures the training and engagement of your employees, enabling them to authentically convey your company’s sustainable strategy and values at every touchpoint.

As your company’s DNA becomes inherently linked to ambitious sustainable strategies, ensuring these strategies are not confined to laminated sheets on bulletin boards or sections of your website is crucial. A sustainable profile should be tangible from top management to employees and customers.
Employees are the key to presenting an authentic and sustainable image to customers, making them central to Ordos’ Sustainable Execution Trainer Program.

Prepare Employees to Communicate Sustainable Values
Our Sustainable Execution Trainer Program is a proven training program that educates your commercial teams to become sustainability ambassadors. The program caters particularly to commercial departments such as sales, marketing, and customer service, which form the frontline of customer interactions.
Our aim is to help commercial employees become well-informed about your company’s sustainable strategy and empower them to integrate these values into customer dialogues in an authentic and personalized manner.

The program is suitable for Danish businesses as well as international companies with diverse locations and touchpoints, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the sustainable strategy across all business facets.

Tailored Program Ensures Engagement
With our Sustainable Execution Trainer Program, you will receive a customized program tailored to your commercial teams. We prioritize raising an environment of trust and openness, inspiring employees to share their thoughts and ideas about your company’s sustainable initiatives.

Through a combination of presentations, training, and role-playing, we equip your teams with diverse skills that enable them to conclude each customer meeting in a service-oriented and professional manner. Additionally, we introduce tools that enable employees to craft their own personal introductory speeches, effectively merging their individual and company values.

“Our goal is to help commercial employees become well-versed in your company’s sustainable strategy and empower them to integrate these values into customer dialogues authentically and personally.”

Our Sustainable Execution Trainer Program includes:

  • Strategy Presentations: We ensure that your employees are confident in your sustainability strategy and provide guidelines for each of them to effectively convey the strategy to your customers.
  • Sales Training: We enhance employee presence with a focus on effective questioning techniques, needs assessment, and customer follow-up.
  • Heightened Customer Empathy: We enhance employee abilities to read customers, including understanding body language, tone, and needs.
  • Strengthened Communication Competencies: We practice concrete scenarios and messages through team role-playing, personal coaching, and individual conversations.

The program’s aim is for employees to seamlessly integrate your company’s sustainable DNA in all customer interactions, thereby strengthening customers’ perception of your company as a reputable and sustainable player.

Træning i bæredygtige profil

“Employees are thus the key to presenting an authentic and sustainable image to customers, making them central to Ordos’ Sustainable Execution Trainer Program.”

With dedicated, empathetic, and skilled guidance from our consultant, we enhance your company’s sustainable goals and actions. We guide and support your commercial teams in integrating sustainability principles and making informed decisions aligned with your values. Together, we create a positive and meaningful impact on society and the environment through tailored training that unleashes your employees’ value-driven advisory skills.

Niels Møller Nielsen,
Founder & CEO of Ordo

Katrine Rosengren Norup

We chose Ordo to conduct a two-day module in Aalborg and Copenhagen, focusing on conveying our values to customer-facing employees, and ensuring our customers feel connected to a sustainable financial institution. Niels instantly grasped our needs and values, which was pivotal for us. The course was characterized by profound psychological comfort, thanks to Niels’ calm and pleasant approach. Post-course, he engaged in individual discussions with employees, making them feel seen, heard, and equipped to move forward.

Katrine Rosengren Norup
HR Manager at Merkur Andelskasse

Charlotte Skovgaard

We aspired to tailor a developmental journey for our customer-facing employees, emphasizing the communication of customer experience in a sustainable financial institution like Merkur. Niels not only delivered but also fully comprehended our values. He emerged as a trustworthy partner, instantly gaining insight into our day-to-day operations. Niels’ approach created a secure training environment, where employees felt encouraged to develop and enhance their skills. The atmosphere of trust and respect that Niels cultivated genuinely contributed to our employees’ growth and progress.

Charlotte Skovgaard
CEO of Merkur Andelskasse

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