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About Ordo

ORDO is a Danish consultancy company specialising in sales and distribution consultancy for Nordic companies as well as Executive Search and recruitment of global senior candidates for key senior management and sales positions in Japan, Australia, Russia, Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe, etc.

We are specialists in


Sales and distribution consultancy

We are specialists in providing consultancy for primarily Nordic companies who wish to expand or develop regions globally. We have particular focus on:

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We can help with

Best in Class set-up

We can help optimise your distribution platform and make certain you have the right focus on execution.

Global network expansion

We work with the right master dealers and distributors – those who are committed to investing in the organisation and developing the local market.

Motivating partners

We can help set the right KPIs, commercial conditions and budget targets, as well as providing the tools needed to create the best possible performance culture.


Executive Search: recruitment of key personnel

We are experts in matching companies with global senior candidates in markets such as Japan, Australia, Russia, Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe. And we can help identify and recruit the next key employee in your commercial team – whether you are searching for a senior management profile or a commercial mid-level manager to strengthen your organisation.

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Less talk, more action. Our customers don’t need more sales talk – they need to grow revenue. And that’s where we come in.

Niels Møller Nielsen,
Founder & CEO for Ordo

Execution from day one

When you begin a cooperation with ORDO, you will notice a change from day one. We start quickly and can begin optimising your sales and distribution set-up immediately. With ORDO, there are no long start-up phases with long-winded academic reports and recommendations. Our approach is far more hands-on and we will quickly be able to present and execute on the strategy that will make a difference to the company’s top line.

Our know-how is based on more than 16 years of experience in the field in some of the biggest global brands. We are accustomed to operating in different industries and in a strong, performance-oriented environment. We know where the challenges lie, both in the small business which is ready to expand, and in the large company that has been in the market for many years. We are equally strong at introducing to new markets as we are at optimising presence in existing markets. And we know that it is execution that ultimately makes the big difference.

Your guide into the Nordic market

We do more than help Nordic companies enter global markets – we also help global brands that wish to distribute products and services in the Nordic countries. We can guide international companies as they gain a foothold in the Nordic countries by establishing a collaboration with some of the best master dealers and distributors in the region – partners who are focused on quality, execution and the highest levels of performance.

ORDO is integrity

For us, the goal is not the be all and end all. The road to get there is important too. We are driven by integrity – in both our approach and way of working. For you as clients, this means that you can count on us to live up to our agreements, meet our deadlines and to follow up on things. We are part of your team and we will always be thinking about how we can add value to the company. We help you to perform and grow your business.

As consultants, we are aware that you are placing your trust in us by inviting us into the engine room of your business. And we repay that trust by acting as your extended arm based on your values and with a keen eye on nurturing all your important relationships. That is what we call ORDO.

Who is ORDO?

ORDO was founded by Niels Møller Nielsen, who has more than 16 years of senior sales and management experience from many different industries as well as global companies such as Orange, Kellogg’s, Nokia, Bang & Olufsen and WS Audiology, which all have been characterised by an extreme performance culture. Niels has lived in the Ukraine and Russia working for Nokia. From his time with responsibility for organisations with more than 300+ employees in turbulent markets, Niels knows all about how important it is for all areas to perform – both in the company’s own organization set-up – but also in relation to partners and distributors. It is this focus that Niels wishes to pass on to other companies through ORDO.

I come straight from the field and know what’s going on ‘out there’. And I understand how to do business and secure commitment in completely different regions – whether it’s in Asia, the Middle East, Africa or Russia. I can help your sales and management team open the right doors, and I can help secure a distribution set-up that will increase revenue.

Niels Møller Nielsen,
Founder & CEO for Ordo

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