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Mentorship: New opportunities

Stuck in job seeking? Let us help you kick in some doors

Looking for new commercial opportunities but find yourself at a dead end? Our Mentorship program is designed to streamline your efforts and give you access to a huge network that be the key to your next job.

Perhaps you are stuck in the same approach, feel you have exhausted the possibilities in your own network and are curious as to how to position yourself better for the next dream job.

Our mentorship program is targeted towards very strong commercial senior management profiles and mid-level managers. But we are not like your average coach – and much more than the regular outplacement partners. We personally invest ourselves and will give you access to our huge network. Our hands-on execution approach means that we will help you kick in some doors and pro-actively keep an eye out for possibilities that can lead to your next position.

The mentorship program involves:



We will help you focus on the target and streamline all efforts to reach your goal incl. looking at your CV and help you strengthen your profile.


Access to 3000+ network

Are you aligned with the way things work in professional work cultures around the world? If you are not used to operating You will get access to our huge personal network with strong commercial profiles within Danish, Nordic, and international companies cross different industries.


Proactive approach

We will be a part of ‘your team’. We are not only coaching – we are also hitting the field alongside you and will kick in some doors to profiles and brands that could be a match.


Action Plan

We will help you develop a plan that – step by step – will lead you to the next job. We will talk weekly to catch up on any progress, feedback or obstacles and adjust the plan accordingly.

Mentorship – CV and job profile

We know that the price for the mentorship program must match your reality. The program is affordable for most candidates, and you will pay a percentage upfront and the rest when the job is yours.

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Charlotte Skovgaard

Vi havde et ønske om at skræddersy et udviklingsforløb til vores kundevendte medarbejdere med fokus på at formidle kundeoplevelsen i et bæredygtigt pengeinstitut som Merkur. Niels har ikke blot leveret, men også fuldt ud forstået vores værdier. Han har vist sig som en troværdig sparringspartner, der hurtigt opnåede indsigt i vores dagligdag. Niels’ tilgang har skabt et trygt træningsmiljø, hvor vores medarbejdere følte sig opmuntret til at udvikle sig og styrke deres færdigheder. Den tillidsfulde og respektfulde atmosfære, som Niels skabte, har virkelig bidraget til vores medarbejderes udvikling og fremgang.

Charlotte Skovgaard
Administrerende Direktør i Merkur Andelskasse

Katrine Rosengren Norup

Vi valgte Ordo til at gennemføre et modul over 2 dage i henholdsvis Aalborg og København om formidling af vores værdier til vores kundevendte medarbejdere, så vores kunder kan mærke, at de er en del af et bæredygtigt pengeinstitut. Niels forstod hurtigt vores behov og værdier, hvilket var afgørende for os. Kurset var præget af stor psykologisk tryghed takket være Niels’ ro og behagelige tilgang. Efter kurset havde han individuelle samtaler med medarbejderne, hvilket gjorde, at de følte sig set og hørt og vidste, hvad de skulle arbejde videre med.

Katrine Rosengren Norup
HR-chef i Merkur Andelskasse

Annika Ploom

Our choice of recruitment partner has been dependent on several parameters. The choice fell primarily on ORDO Recruitment because of Niels’ large network across Europe and his very agile, open, and personal approach to the recruitment process.

In our experience Niels is a very proactive and positive person with a can-do-attitude, which is the attitude that we at Foxway can identify ourselves with. There is no doubt that his skillset, experience, and know-how has meant that we have been able to land some of the strongest and most experienced candidates in the regions we are expanding into.

Annika Ploom
Former: HR Director, Foxway Recommerce
Present: Chief HR Officer at Foxway Group

Victor Saeijs

I worked closely with Niels in our period together in Eurasia/Russia and have stayed in touch with him since then. Niels is a great leader, with a strong eye for talent and how to develop and stretch them. He has strengths in building solid, trusted relationships, both externally with partners and internally. He puts a high bar for himself and his team, and achieved strong results in a fast-changing environment. I truly enjoyed working with Niels. He is a team-player, with a great sense of humour, well-grounded and balances his work-life balance well.

I can highly recommend Niels for his new company, Ordo Recruitment.

Victor Saeijs
Former: SVP, Nokia Europe
Present: EVP, EMEA Market Groups, The LEGO Group

Stephen Twaddell

I would thoroughly recommend Niels Møller Nielsen as a partner to help find solutions to your business needs. He has a very warm and empathetic personal style and is always seeking to manage his interpersonal relationships with sincerity and integrity. Niels is a strong leader who exudes authority, passion and seeks to to build high class engagement with his team, clients and partners.

He is entirely focussed on flawless execution – a hallmark of his career has been a strong track record of delivering results across major industries with blue chip companies. At the same time he sees the big picture and he works to build a bigger, better and brighter future in the interests of all stakeholders.

Stephen Twaddell
Former: President Europe, Kelloggs
Present: Managing Director at Twaddell Management Ltd.

Stefan Persson

Niels has an amazing ability to execute the strategy and achieve the goals. Always with a positive attitude and with an incredible amount of energy. Niels is one of the best sales executives I have worked with and he has an incredible ability to turn critical situations into a success story. Niels create a lot of positive energy and he never gives up.

Stefan Persson
Former: EVP & COO, Bang & Olufsen A/S
Present: CEO at Precise Biometrics

Anders Schnettler Kristensen

Niels is a strong and very dynamic commercial leader, with a solid experience and an outstanding trackrecord achieving results. He has outstanding implementation skills as he has the ability to quickly grasp the specifics of a new industry and to work deligently and effectively accellerate performance of his teams.

Anders Schnettler Kristensen
Former: CSO, WS Audiology A/S

Tue Mantoni

Niels displayed a very high level of energy and can-do attitude when we worked together at Bang & Olufsen. He is particularly skilled at working with people from different parts of the world and with different cultural backgrounds.

Tue Mantoni
Former: CEO, Bang & Olufsen A/S
Present: Chairman of the board: Vækstfonden, Danish AM Hub, Lakrids by Bülow and Board Members in other danish companies.

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